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"Creciendo juntos"

"Growing together"

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Peter Iwen - After 40 active years in different fields and 100 employees at my company Publisistem, hundreds of business trips - especially to China, the continuous search of novelties for our customers and the designing of countless promotional catalogues, it’s time to sit back and enjoy the “golden years”; in my case founding Pevemar Investments to channel my knowledge and business expertise together with the acquired funds into a profitable investment platform.

In a parallel way I’ve made some investments in the construction business in good and in bad moments, and we still have land properties in La Palma, Madrid and Baja California.

We have several flats, offices, houses and premises, locally and abroad; you can find our real estate presentation on the "more about this" section to the right.

At Pevemar Investments we look for profitable returns in our investments as well as to help young entrepreneurs financing their projects and start-ups.

As convinced Rotarians, we set aside a part of our revenues for social projects. We started by contributing to the education of orphaned children in Janjanbureh, The Gambia, paying their expenses, and now we are collaborating with the “Empathy Foundation” project, which has the cause of supporting children in vulnerable situations with the help of animals rescued from the abuse and exploitation. In the "more information" section you will find summary presentations of the activities.

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